Contact Centre Services, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

What are Contact Centre Services?

Contact centre services can go way beyond those expected of a traditional call centre, dealing not only with enquiries via telephone and fax, but also now email and even social media interactions and online messaging.

Whereas some other call centres handle mainly telephone calls, our contact centre services combine a huge variety of roles, often making us  the sole customer contact point for all our clients various communication platforms.

In essence, many large companies use contact centre services solely for customer interaction. Whilst having a contact centre as an in house department is a possibility for larger corporations, it can make great economic sense to outsource these services to a third party provider like us.

Type of Contact Centre Services

One of the more widely used contact centre services is the support desk. The support or help desk can be set up to answer either technical or perhaps more general queries. and can be employed in a wide variety of  situations.

Examples include the telecom and consumer electronic industries, where the remit might be to talk customers through the various processes or to get products like mobile phones, computers and tablets running the way they should,  through  to banks and utility companies where there may be a need to answer a client’s customers account queries or even respond to their customers complaints thereby helping to rebuild bridges with disillusioned third parties.

Whilst it is true that many contact centre services involve dealing with  inbound communication issues, they can also include outbound services, like telemarketing and live chat features on client’s corporate websites.

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